Make a Film

Make a Film

Options4. When you press Make a film, your device may ask you permission to access your camera and microphone, in which case select OK. You will need to make sure your device is in landscape orientation.

Shoot Film5. Once the camera is running, press the red button to record your video! You will see a red countdown in the top left hand corner which lets you know how much of your 1 minute you have left to speak.

Retake6. At the end of the 1 minute, you can watch your video, choose to retake it by pressing Retake or to submit the video by pressing Use Video.

Upload Video7. You are now ready to upload your video! Enter your details including your name, age and email address. Remember to check the box agreeing for your idea to be used for research.

Usage Information8. Press More for information about how your idea may be used.

To upload your video to the project team, press Upload now. Alternatively you can save your video and come back to it later.